New building in the center of Jerusalem featuring our underground automatic car parking system.

New room for parking

Jerusalem has always been an important city. Many tourists visit it for its historical value and the beauty of its monuments and landmarks. Jerusalem is not only a tourist metropolis but also residence for many locals. Here live 6.400 people/km².

A direct consequence of the high population density is the lack of parking spaces. In these cases our HYPARKER MAX rshows off its usefulness. Thanks to the automatic parking system in the central 45 Hanevi’im St.  it is now possible to park 48 cars on 3 levels inside the building garage. Conventional parking with ramps and alleyways would accommodate the half amount of cars only.

Here are some pictures of the project:

Simple and intuitive operation

The modern Touch screen and the remote controls of the HYPARKER MAX offer maximum comfort for the users. The focus here is on usability. The parking process is very simple and intuitive:
After the vehicle has been driven on a pallet in the transfer area,  everything takes place automatically. The vehicle will be transported by the shuttle lift towards the underground parking levels. The horizontal cross conveyor grabs the pallet and pushes it into a free position. Also, before the vehicle has been stored, it is turned by 180° by the integrated turntable. This way the vehicle, when retrieved later, is ready to exit the parking system in forward direction.

Ground drawing of the project

Ground drawing of the project Hanevi'im 45 Jerusalem

The drawing shows one of the parking system levels. The 16 parking spaces on the parking level are distributed in 3 rows. In order to store the cars, the whole building surface will be used. This is only possible because the parking system needs neither ramps nor alleyways to work.

In the first row there are 4 parking spaces, in each of the other two rows there are 6 parking spaces available. On each parking space there is allocated a pallet, on which the vehicle will be stored. The conveyors transporteach pallet to the allocated place. In the first row there is also the vertical conveyor (shuttle) with integrated turntable. This allows for car pallets transportation within the parking levels. A cross conveyor, one on each parking level, moves the pallets within the level and bring them to the desired parking space. This makes possible an efficient pallets arrangement with as less waiting time for the user as possible.

Technical data

Parking system 
No. of parking spaces 48 (16 per level)
No. of parking levels 3
No. of vertical coveyors 1x shuttle lift
No. of turntables 1x integrated into the shuttle lift
No. of horizontal conveyors 3x cross conveyors
Operation Touch screen, Remote controls
Vehicle dimensions 
Parking space width (cm) 220
Parking space length (cm) 500
Max. vehicle height (cm)* 150, 160, 190
Capacity per parking space 2.5 t
*Max. vehicle height on level -1: 190cm
  Max. vehicle height on level -2 and -3: 160cm