Our COMBI LIFT MAX allows you to transport your vehicle Fahrzeug towards another level without the need of ramps or alleyways.
Combi Lift Max - 4-Säulenaufzug von Nussbaum Technologies

Existing building or new building?

The NUSSBAUM COMBI LIFT MAX is designed for installation in new buildings as well as into already existing buildings. In this case you will only need a breach in the ceiling on the upper floor.
In case of new buildings, the breach in the ceiling is to be considered in the planning.


High user comfort is guaranteed by an impulse operation.
The lift is called by inserting and rotating the key.
The platform then drives to the stop from which the call was initiated. The operator can remove the key while the system moves the platform to the upper level.


The large area platform consists of side carriers with lifting carriage at the long sides.
A steel construction with trapezoidal sheet as surface covering forms the inner useable area (aluminium bulb plate, etc available as an option).
Version without pit: Installation above-ground, an integrated ramp in the front area of the platform enables a comfortable drive in and drive out of the vehicles in the lower level, at the upper level the platform stops at the finished floor level.
Version with pit: Installation of the platform in-ground, pit depth approx. 20 cm.

Standard Scope of Delivery

  • 4 main posts with integrated with hydraulic system
  • closed platform with trapezoidal sheet covering
  • Control cabinet and hydraulic unit with oil tray
  • Rotamess way measuring system from Nussbaum, which allows for perfect synchronization off all posts
  • Electrical steering – control – software
  • Main operation unit with key-switch 
  • Safety devices
  • Steel parts are strip galvanized and also power coated. Colour in RAL 7016 (anthracite-grey) or RAL 5001 (blue)

Extra Equipment (available as an option)

  • Additional operation units with key-switch
  • Operation via chip cards, etc.
  • Aluminium bulb plate or wooden floor as platform coating
  • Railings of sheet cassettes, glass, etc.
  • Gate made by metal, glass, etc.
  • Facade made by glass or panels
  • Design in any RAL-colour
  • Special surface treatment, other RAL-colours

Please note: Concerning the elevator doors, please contact us before ordering them by a door supplier in order to ensure an optimal integration into the control system.

important planning advice:
An elevator for persons or stairs need to be located close to the COMBI LIFT MAX.

The different versions at a Glance

Combi Lift Max - Einbau Variante 1: Neubau


For a new building we recommend to install a closed shaft for the COMBI LIFT MAX or with safety railings on both levels. This solution is only possible for the interior.
Combi Lift Max - Einbau Variante 2: Galerie


This solution is used for the exploitation of an existing gallery. Therefore the customer needs to provide a fully closed lift shaft on the lower level. At the upper stop a balustrade is required. This solution is only possible for the interior.
Combi Lift Max - Einbau Variante 3: Anbau


This version enables the COMBI LIFT MAX as extension to an existing building. The lift shaft / cover is delivered as sheet metal construction or by others. In this case a specific project planning is required.
Combi Lift Max - Einbau Variante 4: Präsentation


For presentation purposes, version 4 is the best solution. The COMBI LIFT MAX can be used in representative areas, for example car dealerships.

Technical Data

Lifting height* (mm) 2.000 - 6.000
Capacity (kg) 2.000 - 2.500
Shaft­ length (mm) 5.500, 6.000
Platform­ width (mm) 2.500, 2.750, 3.000
Shaft­ width (mm) 3.000, 3.250, 3.500
Platform­ height (mm) 200
Motor­ capacity (kW) 3
Electrical connection (V/Hz) 400V/50Hz
Switch cabinet/ Power unit (mm) 700 x 700 x 2005
*Lifting height up to 12m upon request.

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