The elegant and space saving eye-catcher

The NUSSBAUM CAR DISPLAY TOWER allows to store and display vehicles of every type and make on a minimal surface thus optimizing the available room, especially where lot prices are very high. The tower is also an eye-catcher: it rapidly becomes a central identifying feature of the car dealership, thus distinguishing the store from its competitors. A further highlight is the possibility to deliver the car from the tower directly to the customer, who can easily get in the car and start driving it. An experience your customer will surely love.

Car Display Tower von oben - Park- und Präsentationssysteme von Nussbaum Technologies

Our Car Display Tower at a glance

  • Building – Steel supporting structure with flat roof and roof parapet, glass facade with high-quality facade systems.
  • lifting technique & Pallets – The electric powered lifting system is in the middle of the system and it transports the vehicles from the ground level towards the parking levels. The cars will be placed on pallets.
  • turntable – Integrated on the lifting system.
  • transfer area – On the entrance level, equipped with vehicle measurement system and vehicle request.
  • OPERATION – Easy-to-use touch screen as interface between user and the system.
  • As stand-alone or building integration – The tower can be installed as stand-alone or can be connected to a building. The building integration allows driving the cars from the tower to the dealership, and it is possible to serve several building levels.
  • Design – The tower can be adapted to the Corporate Design of the respective car brand. We plan the tower according to your needs and desires.
Car Display Tower in Berlin von unten

Teleservice – Remote assistance

Our clever service and steering concept

Remote control, video monitoring as well as remote inspection and diagnosis thanks to our NUSSBAUM service central. In short time our experts can connect to our systems and provide the customer with the best possible assistance.

Scope of delivery

  • Complete building as soon as foundation are approved
  • liting technique with pallets
  • Steering, elestric system, software
  • Safety devices / safety equipment
  • Verifiable building statics acc. to EUROCode (optionally also foundation statics)
  • CE Declaration of conformity
  • Logo substructure (Logo by customer)
  • Customized features upon request

Our versions at a glance


  • Surface: 11m x 11m
  • 4 vehicles per level
  • With turntable

OCTO N9200

  • Surface: 11m x 11m
  • 4 vehicles per level
  • With turntable


  • Surface: 18m x 18m
  • 8 vehicles per level
  • With turntable


  • Surface: 8m x 7m
  • 2 vehicles per level
  • Optional turntable


  • Surface: 13m x 7m
  • 4 vehicles per level plus 1 empty space for pallets shifting
  • Optional turntable

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