The NUSSBAUM HYPARKER MAX offers comfort during parking and economy and flexibility thanks to maximum land use and project-based adaptation.

Flexibility and Comfort

Full automatic parking on several floors, in rows side by side, one after another, opposed, transport systems for vertical and lengthwise conveyor – the HYPARKER MAX makes everything possible. Without losing time searching for a parking place, the user comfortably drives in the transfer area at the street level. From now on the system takes care of the vehicle transporting it fully automatically to a free parking space.

The possibilities of operation are manifold: you can operate the HYPARKER MAX by touch screen, remote control, chip card, smartphone or RFID – you can choose the most suitable solution to your needs. The possibility to connect payment systems create maximum efficiency and a multifunctional range of use.

The installation of the parking system is mostly realized in a building shaft. According to the local conditions, cement inserted ceiling or a steel structure work as supporting construction.

The most important features of our Hyparker Max at a glance:

Transfer area
The user parks his vehicle in the transfer station on a pallet. Optionally a stoplight system or a monitor signal the right parking position. The entry gate is integrated in the control system, as in car lifting systems. Also the check of the vehicle parameter takes place in the transfer station.

Vertical conveyor systems
Minimum one vertical lifting system transport the vehicles to the parking level(s). The vehicles will transported correct and safe thanks to an intelligent
supporting construction.

Steel structure or cement inserted ceiling.

Horizontal conveyor systems
The cross and lengthwise path conveyors allow a horizontal transport of the pallets at the parking levels. Often they are used as paths between the pallets to reduce the access time.

Parking pallets
The parking pallets receive the vehicles. The different types of conveyor allow for pallets transport in X-lengthwise direction and/or Y-cross direction thus obtaining maximum parking density. According to the arrangement of the pallets, free spaces will be needed. Choose your individual design with a selection of ground facings like aluminum bulb plate or wood.

No need to moneuvre thanks to our turn table which turn the vehicles in the right exit position.

Case Example

Ground view of a parking level with 16 parking spaces

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