Our BIKESTATION allows you to convert car parking spaces into a bike rental station without the need of structural measures.

Modular Bike Rental Station

Thanks to its modular construction, our BIKESTATION allows for quick installation and easy adaptation to raising or sinking needs. The core module contains the rental terminal, which builds the central control unit. You can expand it with as many slave modules as you want.

Space Saving

Thanks to its offset disposition, our BIKESTATION only needs 20m² space for 10 parking spaces. It can be either covered or free-standing and the arrangement of the parking spaces is individually adaptable.

A real Eye Catcher

Wählen Sie ein Design Ihrer Wahl und passen Sie die Bikestation ins Stadtbild ein. Die Freiflächen des Mastermoduls können als Werbefläche oder Eyecatcher verwendet werden. Eine optionale Photovoltaikanlage unterstreicht den ökologischen Grundgedanken.

The Focus is on the User

A simple and intuitive usability is very important to us: log in at the terminal or by app, bike booking, cashless payment, search for the next station - ease-of-use as guarant of success.

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