A special way to expand your car showroom

Highlight for your customers

The MINI TOWER is the right solution to expand your showroom. The vehicles can be parked and displayed on up to 5 levels. A highlight for your customers is the direct delivery of the car by this presentation system. The MINI TOWER is available in 2 version: 2PPL (2 vehicles per level) and 3PPL (3 vehicles per level).

The little brother of the CAR DISPLAY TOWER

The MINI TOWER is the complementary concept of the CAR DISPLAY TOWER . Its dimensions fit even in case of small surface available. Being smaller, it represents a smaller investment risk compared to bigger structures. Also it is easy and cheaper to mantain. This special extension of your showroom is particularly foreseen to be integrated to the existing building, but also a stand alone construction will surely leave your customers astounded.

A practical and safe idea

On a surface of only 51m², for example in a MINI TOWER 3PPL it is possible to safely store and display up to 14 vehicles.

Eye catcher

The MINI TOWER attracts big attention and therefore is an impressive advertising medium. A quote from Hotchkiss: „Attention value varies with the square root of space“.

Our 2 versions at a glance


  • 2 Pallets per level
  • Surface: approx. 8m x 7m
  • At the center is the central lifting system for storing and delivering the vehicles on the pallets
  • The lift is provided without presentation turn table, as the storing and delivering of the cars will only be carried out at the sides


  • 3 pallets per level, entrance level with 2 parking spaces and entrance gate
  • Surface: approx. 11m x 8m
  • At the center is the central lifting system with integrated turntable for storing and delivering the cars on the pallets

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