Optimal space efficiency and high parking comfort with our automatic car stacker on several underground levels

High Parking Comfort

The NUSSBAUM SQUAREPARKER is the fully automated solution for parking cars on up to 4 levels in rows one after another. The vehicles will be re-sorted with a puzzle-principle-based system. As you don't need any ramps or drive lanes, our automatic parking system exploits the available room at the best. Your cars will also be safe from vandalism, theft and from weather. Our SQUAREPARKER is also eco-friendly thanks to its compact and accurately planned construction.

Our Squareparker at a Glance


  • It doesn't need any ramps or drive lanes
  • less room required compared a normal parking garage
  • Individual project adaptation (possibility to drive around building pillars)
  • Safety from vandalism and theft
  • High ease-of-use: Several operation variants available (radio remote control, RFID, smart phone, etc.)


  • Transfer area: closed cabine with car measurement and car position control in which you can drive and park the vehicle into the system, 
  • Vertical shuttle for transporting the cars onto the parking level(s). Available as "scissors" or "4-columns" construction
  • Parking pallets with drainage system for the storage of the vehicles on the parking level(s)
  • Conveyor on the parking levels for sliding the palletts in X (longitudinal) and Y (transversal) direction (XY)
  • Optionally available with turntable in the transfer area or on the parking level

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