Unique car showroom in the landmarked regional airport in Böblingen/ Sindelfingen

Your private showroom:

Classic cars lovers use our CLASSIC CAR PARKER amongst all because it is the best way to preserve and show their collector's cars. The high-end glazed parking system offers comfortable room for your private gems. The CLASSIC CAR PARKER allows for safe but at the same time higly visible parking of every type of car.

Here are some pictures of the project:

The project in detail


In the hangar hall the glazed CLASSIC CAR PARKERS have been installed in three sections on two levels. The first section allows to allocate 25 parking spaces one next to another. The second section features a double box for 22 parking spaces. The third section with 9 parking spaces in total is in the gallery.

Operational reliability

Our CLASSIC CAR PARKER doesn't need chains or ropes for power transmission. The lifting platforms are directly powered by cylinder. Thereby there is no need for control switches, clamping elements, setting or check processes and therefore many possible causes of error are avoided. At the sliding platforms there is a bend-proof frame, which avoids accidental lowering of the lifting platforms. Thanks to is there is no need of an additional clamp and therefore further causes of errors are avoided.

Comfort oriented design

The technology of our hydraulic CLASSIC CAR PARKER is based upon our parking system „Parkline N5102“. Like no other parking system, each segment features only 2 main pillars at the back. Since there are no pillars at the front, the cars can be parked comfortably and with definitely less collision risk. This also allows for its peculiar filigree design featuring an extremely transparent and charming appearance, which best fulfils the presentation purpose.

Steel structure & facade

The filigree steel structure on 2 levels is based upon a transon/ mullion construction and steadily supports the glass panels at the front, back and at the sides.

Glass doors

The entrance level of the CLASSIC CAR PARKER features frameless glazed manual sliding doors. The doors are integrated into the steering system and can be opened only by the parking space owners.


The low profile platforms allow for an even driving onto the system and are composed of a steel structure with side walls. The inner surface of the platform features high-end aluminium bulb plates driving sheets.

Operation by chip card

In close proximity of the parking systems are installed the operating terminals, so that the tenants of the parking boxes can choose their respective parking space by chip card.

Technical data

Parking space data 
Parking space width 250cm
Vehicle length 520cm, 530cm, 580cm
Vehicle height 200cm
Capacity per parking space 2,6t, 3,0t