The hydraulic scissor lifting system UNI LIFT MAX allows for transportation of vehicles in a further level or in further levels. Passenger transportation is prohibited.
Unilift Max - Autoaufzüge von Nussbaum Technologies

Drive technology

The scissor lifting system is driven by hydraulic cylinders. Two hydraulic cylinders are moved together equally from each side. A new safety standard is ensured by a redundant hydraulic system with two independent hydraulic circuits.


The UNI LIFT MAX is operated by a control unit with key-switch and emergency stop in dead man´s control.

Large area platform

The large area platform is covered by an even sheet construction. As an option the platform can be covered with wooden floor.

Pit/ Foundation

In the basic position the UNI LIFT MAX is completely lowered in a pit. In this position the lifting system is invisible and can be driven over, if applicable. Foundation works are supplied by the Buyer according to prior agreement.

Control cabinet & hydraulic unit

The control cabinet must be placed close to the lift and must be easily accessible. The hydraulic unit can be placed space-saving in the pit (confirmed for each individual case) and is accessible by the maintenance opening in the platform. Alternatively the hydraulic unit can be positioned in any other place
next to the system.

Safety devices

  • Overpressure valve: Safety of the hydraulic system against overpressure, return-valve for safety of the platform against unintended lowering.
  • Main switch with padlock against unauthorized usage.
  • Two independent hydraulic cylinders: Safety against unintended lowering.
  • Bypass circuit: Slow lowering of the platform shortly before reaching the lower position.
  • Dead man`s control: By releasing the key-switch the system stops immediately.
  • Safety of the loads against falling.
Uni Lift Max - Scherenaufzug von Nussbaum Technologies

Standard scope of supply

  • UNI LIFT MAX as single scissor construction, completely pre-assembled with integrated hydraulic system for up to 3000 mm lifting height.
  • UNI LIFT MAX as double scissor construction, completely pre-assembled with integrated hydraulic system for up to 6000 mm lifting height.
  • Closed platform covered with an even sheet construction.
  • Control cabinet and hydraulic unit with oil tray.
  • Electricity – control – software.
  • Main operation as operation unit.
  • Safety features.
  • Protection against corrosion: The steel parts are band galvanized and powder-coated in addition, colour in RAL 7016 (anthracite-grey) or RAL 5001(blue)

Extra equipment (available as an option)

  • operation via chip cards, etc.
  • Wooden platform covering.
  • Gates as grid construction, sheet cassettes or glass.
  • Tore aus Gitterzaun oder Glas.
  • Complete housing by glass or panels.
  • Colour design in a RAL- colour by choice.
  • Special surface treatment by use of Oxygen–care powder-coating developed by NUSSBAUM for high corrosion protection.
Uni Lift Max - Scherenaufzug von Nussbaum Technologies

Technical Data

Lifting height (mm) 2000 - 6000 2000 - 6000 2000 - 6000
Capacity (kg) 2000 2500 3000
Platform­ length (mm) 5000 - 6000 5000 - 6000  5000 - 6000 
Platform­ width (mm) 2000 - 3000 2000 - 3000  2000 - 3000 
System height/ Foundat­ion depth (mm) max. 800 max. 800  max. 800 
Motor­ capacity (kW) 3 3  3
Electrical connection (V/Hz) 3PH, N+PE, 400V, 50Hz 3PH, N+PE, 400V, 50Hz  3PH, N+PE, 400V, 50Hz 
Dimensions (HxWxD | cm) Control cabinet: 60x30x15 | Hydraulic unit: 64x45x28  

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