“And you’re the best thing that he’s ever seen” (B. Dylan, Lay Lady Lay from the Album Nashville Skyline)

Since this November, a new building enriches Nashville skyline: the Nussbaum Technologies car delivery center for the online used-cars dealer Carvana, composed by a nussbaum Tower Car Display Tower connected to a glazed corridor, 3 delivery bays and one acceptance and bureau building.

Thanks to this complex delivery system, after the online buy the car can be picked up like from a vending machine.
The inside of the Delivery Bay
The inside of the Delivery Bay

Insert coin to play

The customer gets a coin from a Carvana-assistant and inserts it into a slot. The delivery process starts. The central tower lifting system transports the car from the the shelf to the ground level, then a sliding mechanism slides the vehicle from the lift to a driverless system, the Robotrack, which runs through an indoor vehicle corridor and brings the car into one of the 3 delivery bays. The vehicle has now reached the touchpoint with the customer. The door opens and the customer can drive with the car out of the bay.

The car on the driverless Robotrack
The car on the Robotrack driverless system

The octagonal glazed car Tower in Nashville features 5 storeys and a capacity of 18 cars. We designed the tower in a XXL-Version, so that also big-sized american cars can be accommodated in it.

The Project in Nashville is the pilot-project. Many other Carvana Vending Machines are planned. 

Thanks to Nussbaum Technologies and Carvana, buying a car now reminds us of the good old times when we used to buy candies from vending machines or when we simply needed to insert a coin in the bar jukebox in order to hear our favorite song. The streamline Art Deco design of the operating terminal by Carvana enriches this experience and makes us dive into this great era; all of this right in the Music City, in year 2015.
Purchasing a car has never been so easy.

Further Information about the Tower in Nashville can be found at carvana.com/vendingmachine.