Particularly bearing and comfortable

In October 2015 we installed the 4-columns lift COMBI LIFT MAX for Zayani Motors in Sitra, Bahrain. The Lift features 5 meters lifting height and is now inside the spectacular building of the multi-brand car dealer Euromotors. It allows for vertical transport of the vehicles within the car dealership. Combi Lift Max During Building and Testing Phase - Foto Courtesy: Zayani
The Combi Lift Max during the building and testing phase - Photo Courtesy: Zayani

The lift is particularly bearing and comfortable, since it will transport Land Rover, Jaguar and Rolls Royce amongst others. Featuring an entrance width of 3 meters, the system lifts up to 3.000kg.
Its peculiarity? Normally, the lifts run from the ground level towards further levels. In this case, the lift runs from the first floor towards the second floor. The first floor can be reached by the vehicles thanks to an outside ramp. Panorama from the building ramp
Panorama from the building ramp

New technology with wider entrance

The COMBI LIFT MAX for Zayani is one of the first models in our new version. Its system width is approx. 25 cm narrower than the former model thus allowing for more entrance width and therefore more parking comfort, by the same space available. In opposition to our scissors lift UNI LIFT MAX, the COMBI LIFT MAX features four columns, therefore it is particularly important to control the run of the platform at the for axes. In order to achieve this, we employ our SST-Technology, so that the platform can move smoothly and synchronously. Further details about the new COMBI LIFT MAX version will be available soon. We would like to thank Zayani Motors for the great cooperation and the hospitality, with which we have been welcomed in the wonderful Kingdom of Bahrain.